Westeel Grain Bins Westeel Grain Bins

Westeel galvanized bins make it easy to store your grain and other non-corrosive materials. The galvanized, corrugated steel grain bins can be built with flat bottoms (flat to the ground) or hopper bottoms (a cone for unloading).

Westeel Unstiffened Wide-Corr Grain Bins are made of heavy gauge corrugated galvanized steel ensuring its strength and durability.
Westeel Stiffened Grain Bins provide the strength and cost effectiveness ideal for small commercial operations and large farms.
Westeel Welded Hopper Cones made from pressed cone sheets provide optimum support for the Wide-Corr or Standard-Corr bins.
AGI Westeel EasyDry puts a grain dryer in the top of a grain bin, combining a drying bin, cooling bin, and storage bin all in one. As the grain dries, it is then dumped into the storage area below - your drying system has now doubled as a storage bin!
Westeel's SeedStor-K™ Hopper Bottom Bins, ideal for grain and seed storage, is easy to ship and assemble. Super fast, controlled unloading capabilities, incredible strength and affordable.
Design the ideal storage bin with the Westeel Roof Upgrade Tool using specific bin requirements and location usage.

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