Commercial Food
Whether you need a single system or process or complete engineering for your project, our teams specialize in delivering solutions that are optimized at every stage of development, from concept and design through to project execution and support

Decades of experience in multi-discipline engineering projects assures you of a solution that meets your needs for efficiency, cost, timing, and compliance to specifications. Our goal is to maximize both system performance and your return on investment.

AGI’s expertise in food safety is a key advantage, as well, our clean-design approach, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of Food and Drug Authority (FDA) and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulations, means that you never have to worry about compliance when you partner with AGI. 

Discover all the benefits our engineering team can bring to your next project: 

Innovative solutions
We incorporate industry-leading innovation into all phases of food & beverage plant design and engineering.

Nimble and responsive teams
AGI offers the best of both worlds: the experience and capabilities of a large engineering firm, and the personalized service and agility of a smaller one. 

Breadth and depth of experience
We have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide robust and executable engineering deliverables.

Regulatory expertise
The AGI team has extensive knowledge of the regulatory landscape, so they’re able to tailor each solution to meet and exceed industry requirements.

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Engineering Services
  • Development and evaluation of options  
  • Prepare preliminary drawings
  • Layouts and elevation drawings  
  • Existing or new areas
  • Review and approval drawing process  
  • Integration of equipment details
  • Interconnection pieces, piping and spouting
  • Production and operation details
  • Certified drawings for installer
  • Support for installation team
  • Equipment receiving and staging
  • Demolition of existing items
  • Downtime and outage planning
  • Sequence of operation
  • Control software
  • Structural platform indications
  • Structural design plans
  • Structural fabrication drawings
  • Site plans  
  • Process flow diagrams  
  • Equipment outline drawings  
  • Onsite visits and reviews  
  • 3D scanning  
  • Collection of process data  
  • Define process steps  
  • Water & steam supply details
  • Drain systems
  • Checkout of system
  • Validation of processes/process validation
  • Start-up and handover
  • Drawing and documentation lists  
  • Project charters and plans  
  • Define removal plan  
  • Existing systems
  • Alarm and interlock lists
  • Field wiring diagrams
  • Panel wiring diagrams
  • Mechanical drawings
  • Electrical schematics
  • EPDM process
  • Determine rates and capacities  
  • Defining equipment & specifications  
  • New equipment
  • Supply chain management  
  • Piping isometrics
  • Floor/ wall penetrations
  • Compressed air details
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