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Farm and commercial solutions and systems for storage, handling, structures, processing, and controls in seed, fertilizer, grain, feed, and food. From planning and project management to engineering and manufacturing, partner with AGI, a global leader, supplying the world's food infrastructure. 


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Success Stories

Port of Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Initially conceived as a part of an expansion into the Black Sea, this site is the highest capacity elevator in the Port of Mykolaiv, Ukraine. AGI supplied the highest quality equipment for this project, which in turn was awarded Cofco’s “Top Global Asset” for 2018. More

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Product Showcase

AGI Elevated Silo

Designed for rapid unloading of grain, the Elevated Silo has been designed with improved air circulation, with corrugated sides for easy unloading, and an aeration system activated by a centrifugal fan to keep your grain dry and optimal. The Elevated Silo is available in a variety of diameters, heights and ventilation formats to meet every need and application. More