Millwrighting & Installation

Commercial Food
AGI’s highly trained millwrights and technicians are experts in the areas of human safety, clean design and food safety

Explore all the advantages of partnering with AGI for your millwrighting and installation requirements

Industry-leading training
All AGI millwrights and technicians are safety trained and certified.

Expert troubleshooting
Rely on our problem-solving experience and expertise to ensure maximized uptime for your operation.

Speed and agility
AGI’s expert millwrights and technicians have the know-how and experience to meet tight project deadlines.

Cost-effective solutions
Our design and engineering team builds value into every plan—and our millwrights and technicians help deliver it.

Through the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other measures, we focus on customer safety standards, regulatory compliance and facility continuity. We make it our mission to ensure every project location remains safe, clean, organized, and efficient.

When paired with our Turn-key solutions, AGI’s millwrighting and installation teams are able to deliver customized solutions and third-party equipment​ tailored precisely to your needs.

AGI Millwrighting & Installation services


  • Mechanical​​
  • Electrical​​
  • Structural​​
  • Plumbing​​
  • Automation​​
  • Fabrication​​
  • Crane and rigging​​
  • Welding specialties​​
  • Skilled supervisory services


  • Erecting and rigging ​
  • Building automation​​
  • Machinery installation​​
  • Factory installation (installed, dismantled and relocated) ​​
  • Plant maintenance​​
  • Site observations​
  • Facility startup​
  • Waste management​
  • Precision equipment setting​
  • Structures
  • Fabrication ​
  • Conveyor systems​​
  • Heavy hauling
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