AGI Suretrack puts your farm's data in your hands so you can make important decisions throughout the year.

Farm Management

Powerful data is in your hands with an annual subscription to AGI SureTrack™. Select seed, monitor your fields, manage your harvest, and market your grain with our complete farm management equipment and software solution. More

About AGI

Farm and commercial solutions and systems for storage, handling, structures, processing, and controls in seed, fertilizer, grain, feed, and food. From planning and project management to engineering and manufacturing, partner with AGI, a global leader, supplying the world's food infrastructure. 


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Success Stories

Port of Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Initially conceived as a part of an expansion into the Black Sea, this site is the highest capacity elevator in the Port of Mykolaiv, Ukraine. AGI supplied the highest quality equipment for this project, which in turn was awarded Cofco’s “Top Global Asset” for 2018. More

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    AGI announces $85 million offering of senior subordinated unsecured debentures

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    AGI Announces Strategic Addition to SureTrack platform; provides market update

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    AGI announces strategic addition to SureTrack platform; provides market update

Safe and Efficient

Safe and Efficient

Belt conveyors and augers for safe and efficient grain transfer. Our Augers are built with resilience, and longevity in mind with wear edge technology and a durable powder coat. Our Conveyors feature high-capacity and low maintenance grain handling alternatives for conventional systems. More

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Capable of holding over 150,000 bushels, Westeel’s Grain Bins are specially designed for the needs of large farms and smaller commercial operations. Specifically engineered for exceptional sidewall strength, the stiffened sidewalls are over 2½ times more efficient at achieving the maximum load possible out of each pound of steel as compared to competitive unstiffened bins. More