Our Approach

AGI is committed to sustainable business practices. Our mission statement reflects this: "Supply the world's food infrastructure, and in the process, enrich the lives of our employees, customers, and shareholders, and the communities of which we are a part."

In December 2020, AGI published its inaugural Sustainability Roadmap. This document describes our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics and outlines our next steps, with a focus on high-priority ESG issues that matter most to our stakeholders.

“The world is dealing with a growing population, substantial change in dietary requirements, and the increasing volatility associated with climate change. Expanded and efficient food infrastructure is fundamental to population health but goes beyond that to impact productivity, quality of life, as well as political stability.”

Governance for ESG

Our governance model includes Board oversight of ESG focus areas in alignment with AGI’s Senior Leadership Team who own the overall ESG program. Our Regional Leadership Teams help create action plans to drive improvement, manage day-to-day execution of those plans, and measure key ESG metrics.