AGI Virtual Patent Marking

Last updated November 11, 2022   

AGI is a leading provider of equipment, solutions, systems and digital technologies that serve farm and commercial clients in the agricultural and food industry worldwide. The following AGI products are protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. This web page is provided to satisfy virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions and intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a). 

Farming Data Collection and Exchange System 

Canada Pat. Nos 2888,742 

Farming Data Collection and Exchange System 

US Pat. Nos 11,126,937; 10,963,825; 11,107,017; 11,164,116; 11,151,485; 11,361,261; 11,361,260; and 11,410,094 

Distributed Transaction-Based Security and Tracking of Agricultural Machine and Agronomic Data [Blockchain] 

US Pat. Nos 10,491,608, 11,283,814 
Canada Pat. Nos 3076652 
Brazil Pat. Nos BR102020005717-0 
South Africa Pat. Nos 2020/01866 
Australia Pat. Nos 2020202103 
Mexico Pat. Nos MX/a/2020/007165 

Determining Activity Swath from Machine-Collected Worked Data 

US Pat. Nos 10,849,264 
Australia Pat. Nos 2020277307 
Russia Pat. Nos 2776355 
South Africa Pat. Nos 2021/09434 (Pending) 
Brazil Pat. Nos BR112021023303-2 (Pending) 
Canada Pat. Nos 3140860 (Pending) 

Real-Time and Historical Farming Data Distribution System [Real-Time Streaming/RTS] 

US Pat. Nos 11,360,984 


Geospatial Aggregating and Layering of Field Data [Grid] 

US Pat. Nos 11,367,151 
Canada Pat. Nos 3,131,262 (Pending) 
Australia Pat. Nos 2021232730 
South Africa Pat. Nos 2021/06852 

The following patents apply to AGI SureTrack products: 

Moisture Soil Probe System 

US Pat. Nos 11,415,265 

Grain-bin Monitoring System 

US Pat. Nos 9,347,904 B1 

Grain-drying System 

US Pat. Nos 8,806,772 B1 

Grain Management Based on
Growing Characteristics

US Pat. Nos 10,334,864 B2 and 10,440,970 B2  

A Cable System Comprising In-Line Sensors 

US Pat. Nos 17/815,090