Engineering & Design Services


SABE engineers and technicians are experts in powdered product handling techniques and have many years of experience. They create the preliminary design drawings and operating diagrams and draw up the proposed budget. They work on the creation of complete new plants, but also on the restructuring and modernisation of existing plants.

SABE team know-how mainly resides in its recognised expertise in integrating all manufacturing process steps (storage, dosing, mixing, crushing, granulation, coating, drying, shipment, etc.) and in defining the interfaces required to guarantee optimum installation performance (composition, grading, appearance, speed).

The use of effective CAD 2D/3D tools ad structure calculation software makes it possible to achieve optimised sizing and robust industrial design compliant with applicable international standards (Machines directive, ATEX IE2-IE3 standards).

Our automation staff designs and builds the installation control-command infrastructure. They use specific automation and monitoring software. Our expertise in the sector also allows us to support you in your energy optimisation and in limiting cross contamination.