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Pellet fertiliser truck loading unit Image
Pellet fertiliser truck loading unit

SABE has its own assembly teams.

Our services include: 

  • Transporting machinery to the site and unloading it
  • Assembly supervision by our head fitter, from the signature of the specific prevention plan up to commissioning
  • Mechanical machinery assembly
  • Handling on the site (cranes, elevator platforms, telescopic handling machinery, etc.)
  • Wiring and the electric connection of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment
  • Equipment calibration
  • Production and maintenance staff training
  • Commissioning and installation acceptance

Our site managers are trained in, and highly aware of, safety policies: 

  • Wearing PPE
  • Training/Accreditation for work in confined spaces, at a height, for the use of handling machinery (hoists, slings, cherry pickers, fork lifts, etc.), electrician qualifications

Our teams are systematically in contact with the client to draw up a prevention plan before any work begins.

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