Shuttle Conveyor


Shuttle conveyors are used to load truck compartments without the truck needing to move.

In France, 90 to 95% of animal feed is delivered in bulk. Packaging in bags is rare. Trucks can be loaded in several ways:

  • Directly on a weigh-bridge
  • Using a hopper or even a pre-weighing mixer installed between the finished product storage compartment and loading

In order to meet the major bulk sector requirement, over the years, SABE has developed many technical solutions to load truck compartments (mainly from 7 to 9), using different finished product cells without having to move the truck. This solution is a double chain shuttle conveyor.


The advantages of the SABE shuttle conveyor:

  • No need to move the truck whatever the number of cells to use. It remains in a defined position on the weigh-bridge during loading
  • Dust emission-free loading. The entire transfer length is covered, with suction at emptying points
  • Simple, strong, economic mechanics reliable over time
  • Does not damage products
  • Compact (reduced height)
  • Saves loading time