Chain Conveyor


Chain conveyors are used to transfer or extract granulated or powdered products along a straight horizontal or sloping trajectory.


The advantages of the SABE chain conveyor:

  • Used to transport products over long distances and at very high flow rates without damage
  • Fully closed and sealed machinery (no dust emission)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Strong and reliable machinery
  • Easy maintenance
  • Safe use
  • Low space occupation relative to transported volumes
  • Low linear speed: 0.25 to 0.55m/s
  • Silent handling machinery
  • Clean, limited product retention
  • Possibility of several infeeds and outfeeds


SABE chain conveyor general specifications: 

  • PEHD chain return support rails
  • PEHD scrapers every 2 links adjusted to the casing width, thereby reducing noise, chain and bottom plate wear providing complete casing cleaning and guidance
  • Head drums and stand wheels mounted on removable hubs
  • Sliding stand shoe with tension guaranteeing complete stand cleaning for high speed conveyors
  • Motor shaft tension using a stand plate adjusted to chain rotation
  • Forged or bush chains
  • Breaking strength from 11T to 100T
  • Hatches at the ends to check operating and layer height


Our line covers speeds of up to 600m3/h. For higher transfer speeds, our design office and engineers remain at your disposal.