The WS1 Webserver


The EZSentinel WS1 Web Server Interface (mOI215) is an operator interface and web server that can configure, display, and log up to 256 process sensors on a desktop PC equipped with commonly available web browsers and Java™ software. No additional software is required. The sensors are displayed in a web page using a tabbed format, grouped by the user to simplify organization of the sensor readings. Up to four alarms for each display position can be entered. The Interface has both external contact and e-mail alerts, and is provided in a compact wall mount enclosure.

The Interface can service up to 8 CMC Bus Converters over an RS485 network. Each Bus Converter can process 32 CMC digital sensors. Bus Converters are available for both Industrial/Commercial and Intrinsically Safe hazardous area environments. A complete line of controllers and process sensors is available. The wiring system is fully specified and includes field interconnect components. In addition to the web server, the interface has a Modbus TCP/IP Slave interface for connection to remote PLC based industrial monitoring systems.

  • Monitor up to 256 digital sensors with 1 second update time
  • No additional software required - uses web browser for setup and display
  • Transparent mapping of sensors to display positions
  • Sensor values can be displayed in SI, English, or user units
  • Dry contact outputs for horn and external alarm
  • Simple integration with existing plant PLC based monitoring systems