The EZSentinel 128


The EZSentinel 128 HMI/PLC combines a PLC and touchscreen with intuitive machine graphics and the ability to monitor and control up to 15 machines making it the industry’s leading hazard monitoring operator interface. With the capability to accept up to 128 sensor inputs and provide direct machinery control for up to 15 machines the EZSentinel 128 is ideal for small to medium-sized facilities where a standalone system and controller are needed. The EZSentinel 128 forms a key part in CMC’s single wire digital network and is compatible with all of our shaft speedtemperature, and vibration sensors.


  • Fast and Accurate…Alarm status and location
  • Direct Machinery Control…Up to 15 machines
  • User-Friendly…Touch Screen Interface
  • Smart…Sensor and alarm data logged to SD memory
  • Robust…Avoid costly nuisance trips and shutdowns
  • Safer, more efficient operations…More uptime