Field Loaders

AGI Batco's Field Loaders have been engineered for ease of maintenance, optimized containment, and maximum speed. These powerful belts also deliver gentle handling of your delicate commodities - at speeds that will impress. 

The UCX³ U-Trough Belt Conveyor delivers high capacities without compromising on gentle
handling - all while using a 15” wide Direct Xᵀᴹ belt.
The BCX³ all-farm commodity field loader is equipped to tackle tough jobs with the help of its two belt scrapers, belt brush, and a turbo clean wash system.
AGI Batco is proud to offer the BCX³ Field Loader Top Drive (FLTD). This redesigned field loader has been engineered with a lower hitch-end and extended reach to keep grain on the belt.
The BCX³ CUB Field Loader is perfectly suited for ultra-low bin unloads.
Batco's best field loader yet, the BCX2 1500 Series have been optimized for maintenance, containment and speed can't be beat!