AGI Annual Safety Awards


Celebrating Excellence in Safety

AGI’s Annual Safety Awards provide the opportunity to recognize and celebrate excellence in safety at both the individual and facility levels.

Each year a formal nomination and review process is completed in selecting winners, who are announced at the end of the year. We are happy to celebrate our previous winners for their effort in championing AGI’s safety values.

Outstanding Performance Award: The Outstanding Performance Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated an exceptional performance, or an event related to safety or community service.

2021: Nathan Thiessen Web_Full_Size_Desktop_BrandCard-Safety Award Winner 2021 - Nathan Thiessen (1).jpg
2022: Anna Boitsova Web_Full_Size_Desktop_BrandCard-Safety Award Winner 2022 - Anna Boitsova (1).jpg

Overall Safety Performance Award: The Overall Safety Performance Award is granted to a facility that has improved their safety performance including reducing their lagging indicators, recordable incident rate and lost time incident rate.
2021: AGI Rosenort (Rosenort, MB)
2022: AGI St. Boniface (Winnipeg, MB)

Progress in Safety: The Progress in Safety Award is awarded to a facility that has improved their leading safety performance over the last 12 months.
2021: AGI Brasil
2022: AGI Grand Island Web_Full_Size_Desktop_BrandCard-Safety Award Winner 2022 - Grand Island (1).jpg

Safety at a Customer Site or Project: The Safety at a Customer Site or Project Award acknowledges a customer or internal project where safety was well executed.
2022: AGI Brasil