AGI Delivers Global Fertilizer Solutions to AMG Fertilizers, Ghana

AGI Fertilizer Systems understand the importance small and medium sized farmers place on high quality fertilizer. That’s why companies around the world trust AGI’s equipment and partnership to deliver the highest quality product to the end user.

One of those partners is AMG Fertilizers, a locally owned manufacturer and distributor of advanced performance fertilizers in Ghana. Established in 2012, AMG provides small and large-scale farmers with crop nutrition and growing strategies to maximize yields and profits. Known as a symbol of quality and a leader in Ghanaian agriculture, AMG trusted AGI to deliver equipment that would maintain this reputation.

After connecting at a local fertilizer convention, Anne Sheehy from AGI Fertilizer Systems and Ernest Akwasi Appiah from AMG worked together for four years to deliver a one-of-a-kind Declining Weight Blending and Bagging System.


AMG had seen an increase in demand for specialized fertilizers coming from neighbouring West African countries and needed to establish their own blending capabilities. “We could not be competitive anymore. Having to rely on other companies for these huge amounts of [specialized fertilizer] blends”, Ernest explains after asked why AMG decided to establish the system.

Known for its accuracy and speed, the AGI Declining Weight Blend System has allowed AMG to continue to capture more market share in a quickly growing region. “This year, total consumption was 700,000+ metric tonnes” explains Ernest, “out of that, AMG [produced] about 250,000.”. Ernest explains the number of customers for specialized fertilizer is a long, and continuously growing list. Currently, they’ve been able to serve cocoa growers, pineapple plantations, banana plantations, soybean, maize, corn growers and more.


Photos of the newly commissioned custom Declining Weight Blending and Bagging System show the careful consideration put in from AGI engineers. This facility is carefully planned for maximum utility and long-lasting operation. “We have a beautiful warehouse and blending plant we bought from AGI” Ernest says with a smile. “Our current blending plant is one of the largest in West Africa. Most of the neighbouring countries are now asking us to blend for them.”

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with you over the past four years” Anne says to Ernest wrapping up the session, “I think Ghana is a bright spot in West Africa for agriculture and future fertilizer development. I’m excited to see where that takes us.”.

If you are interested in connecting with AGI Fertilizer Systems, please contact us here at This interview was recorded for AGI Live 2021, you can now watch this, and all other presentations by visiting AGI’s YouTube channel.