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AGI SureTrack empowers farmers and growers to make the most out of the resources they have while helping producers effectively manage inventories and find resources when needed.
PileManager is a fully automated, low-cost, and expandable system that replaces labor-intensive fan management. It also increases profits by reducing energy use, labor costs, and shrink by adjusting fans according to wind speed.
AGI SureTrack released the SureTrack 2.0 software platform in April of this year, offering an improved user interface and added features for PileManager. The software automates
temporary storage pile aeration, and its automated fan system ensures grain tarps remains in place.
High winds can threaten the protective tarps you have in place, causing them to become partially or fully detached. This can endanger your piled grain to the elements and grain losses. PileManager, by AGI SureTrack®, takes real-time readings of wind speeds and gusts.
We are experiencing a new wave of safety concerns in grain terminals, feed and flour mills and bulk commodity facilities around the world. With new policies, procedures and protective wear being implemented, one thing is clear: the safety of our people is the top priority.
AGI’s Regional Business Manager for APAC Peter Forster sat down with Managing Director and Founder of Allied Grain Systems, John White to discuss their historic partnership and how they work together to deliver grain storage and handling solutions to customers across Australia...
AGI Tramco offers a complete line of industrial conveyors designed and fabricated to handle a
variety of materials and suitable for multiple industries. AGI Tramco’s engineered-to-order
conveyors are highly customizable ...
Destruction and devastation litter the Ukrainian countryside. Farms have turned into battlegrounds as Russia's invasion of Ukraine stretches into another month...