Sensors measure the moisture of the grain as it enters and exits the dryer in real time on the DM510 operator panel LCS screen. Instantly know grain moisture without manual testing.

The DM510 uses real time moisture information to provide a complete picture of all grain in the dryer. It learns as you dry and continually adjusts as conditions and incoming moisture change. Enables you to dry grain as close to your target moisture as possible. It even calculates the best discharge rate based on the current drying situation. The perfect addition to upgrade existing AGI dryers!

Monitor your dryer in your office, home or on the combine! Simply connect your DM510 to your internet router. Then just log in from your cell phone, table or PC to view current conditions, recent history and even change rate and moisture set points.

Conversion Kit Includes:

  • AGI branded DMS510 moisture control
  • Convenient auxiliary operator panel
  • Two moisture sensors for inlet and outlet moisture with cable and quick disconnect plugs
  • Sampling button


Conversion Kit Benefits:

  • Fast & easy to install
  • Designed for easy integration with a AGI standard control dryer
  • Minimizes over and under drying
  • Increased moisture control accuracy
  • Remote access
  • Reverse compatible to any 90 VDC meter out system
  • A cost-effective alternative to the COMMANDER upgrade to improve moisture control
  • With a direct internet connections, the remote access monitors and controls
    DM510 operations and is capable of generating real time graphs and reports.
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