The AGI mixed flow dryer in one of the most efficient dryers on the market. The mixed flow drying process maintains the highest grain quality, allowing for easy air flow and grain mixing. The dryer’s flexible design lets you  run it in full heat, or heat and cool modes on single burner dryers. For multiple burner dryers, individual temperature settings per burner offer unrivaled flexibility and customization to suit your operation.

Plus, AGI dryers have no screens to clean or get plugged, so airflow in maintained throughout the drying process. That also makes it up to 30% more fuel efficient than conventional screen dryers on the market today.

Consistent kernel to kernel moisture across the grain column and long retention time allows the grain to dry slowly, resulting in significantly higher test weights and higher quality product.


New Pre-Cleaner System

This optional integrated pre-cleaner system removes unwanted debris such as beeswings, fines, and chaff from grain before it enters the dryer, helping yield higher quality results.

The design of the pre-cleaner system does not require upgrades to existing filling equipment, does not increase overall dryer height and there are no screens to clean.

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