AGI SureTrack BinManager®


Create Premium Marketing Opportunities

Proper Grain Storage Preserves and Conditions Grain, Helping Capture Higher Profits

Managing over 500 million bushels annually, BinManager® is the industry’s leading grain bin management solution, and the only option on the market to offer a fully automated preservation and conditioning solution. As a part of SureTrack FARM®, BinManager’s integrated hardware and software provides a seamless grain storage management experience. The 3D visuals on the AGI SureTrack® online dashboard, combined with industry-leading customer support, put grain storage and conditioning decisions at your fingertips.



Free Grain Testing

Learn the exact settings needed to preserve and condition grain to your specifications by pulling and submitting a composite grain sample from the bin or bins that BinManager is equipped to control.


Once the results of your grain test are back, a unique algorithm is generated for your BinManager to define conditioning and preservation parameters based on your needs. Once established, the BinManager is calibrated to automate fans, moisture drydown, rehydration and cooling.

Monitor and Maintain

Temperature and moisture readings are taken by the cables to continually monitor and maintain grain condition — viewable from anywhere at anytime.


Create Profit

BinManager is the only proven grain management solution on the market to achieve and maintain target moisture levels while maintaining protein, starch and oil content. This allows you to not only grow for a specific market premium but store for a specific market premium.

Drive Efficiency

A fully automated system means that fans and heaters only run when needed. And full automation paired with specific calibration maintains optimal CFM within your bin at all times when paired with the correct fan.

Stay Connected

We value relationships. That’s why every customer is assigned an AGI SureTrack Coach — a single source for all your SureTrack needs. Our team monitors customer accounts daily to ensure no alert is ever missed — protecting your livelihood. Welcome to the family.