Proper grain storage preserves and conditions grain, helping capture higher profits

It’s not enough to just fill your grain bins; you invest too much in your crop to run the risk of shrinkage or over-drying. AGI BinManager® is calibrated to automate fans, moisture dry down, rehydration and cooling to achieve and maintain target moisture levels while maintaining protein, starch and oil content. As the industry-leading grain bin management solution AGI BinManager preserves and conditions your investment until you are ready to sell.

Crop specific savings with AGI BinManager​
Protecting your grain against factors that compromise quality is one of the most important things AGI BinManager does. Each AGI BinManager system maintains a unique algorithm fine-tuned to the conditioning and preservation parameters that will meet your operation’s needs. By ensuring grain meets the exact specifications needed while waiting to be delivered to the buyer, AGI BinManager helps to ensure the profitability of your farm.

Watch the profitability benefits of AGI BinManager with Lukas Fricke

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