Additional options available for most Westfield products

Flex Spout
Optional five-section bucket flex spout directs grain flow and reduces spillage. Several sizes available in polyethylene or galvanized steel.

Safety Spout
Safety spout with relief door is designed to overflow, reducing chance of damage to auger should downspout plug due to bin overfill.

Poly Hoppers
Durable, flexible poly hoppers allow easy dumping with minimum spillage. V-type hopper fits augers to 8" diameter. Big Round Hopper fits larger augers to 10" diameter.

Light Kits
LED light kits are available for certain models and come complete with mounting brackets, wiring harness and switch. The lights can be mounted at the auger intake and discharge.

Swivel Arc Kits
For circular bin set-ups, Westfield augers can be fitted with a Swivel Arc Kit to allow movement in a circle. Wheels can be moved back to regular position.

Battery Holder
Handy battery holder bolts to MD motor mount for electric start engines.

Bristle Flighting 
Bristle cord is welded to the entire length of the flighting.

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