Cross-Vault™ Bunded ULC/TC Fuel Tanks

Westeel Cross-Vault™ Bunded ULC/TC Fuel Tanks Image
Westeel Cross-Vault™ Bunded ULC/TC Fuel Tanks

The Cross-Vault™ is a combination Transport Canada/UN and ULC S601-14 certified tank available in sizes ranging from 950L to 4500L. These rectangular tanks truly mark the crossroads of a stationary tank and a slip tank.

Westeel's Cross-Vault™ is a line of rectangular cube tanks featuring galvanized stacking corners along with primary and secondary galvanized hatch lids.  Each tank is composed of three separate, fully welded and sealed components:

  1. Outer protection tank - complete with a side, front and back forklift pockets, the outer protection tank offers secondary containment in the unlikely event of a primary breach.  The outer protection tank also takes on double duty with a floor to lid storage section where the user can install pumps, filters, hose reels and dispensing nozzles. Each outer protection tank includes multiple hose and cord conduit ports to increase security on farms, construction sites, at mining operations, in military applications and at oil & gas facilities.  It also allows for use in direct fueling applications including power generation and continuous use water pumps.
  2. Main outer lid - completely removable, the main outer lid gives complete access to internal components and the internal tank.  This access is critical for maintenance and cleaning, especially in tank rental applications. The main outer lid has two access ports: the primary hatch allowing for access to all of the control components along with pumps, hose and meters; and the secondary hatch which allows for additional venting options and is critical for certain regulatory compliance such as TSSA.
  3. Primary tank - factory welded on all 6 sides, the primary tank has separate lifting lugs for easy maintenance removal along with internal baffles.  The primary tank is factory tested per the requirements of ULC and Transport Canada and includes internal accesses at the front complete with the control components and a secondary hatch for additional fittings.

The Cross-Vault™ includes many design features, including:

  • Bi-directional forklift plates, internal baffle plates, galvanized hatch plates, stacking corners & liftings eyes
  • Designed to stack inside shipping containers & across truck beds providing economical transportation
  • Unique hexagonal corners for extra strength. Letter box openings for secure & safe hose connections
  • Large designed dispensing gun equipment compartment with fixed arrangements to carry hose reels, pumps, nozzles, cables, batteries & secondary alarms
  • 110% secondary tank capacity - to meet the global environmental regulations
  • Completely removable inner tank for easy maintenance & cleaning
  • Primary & secondary hatch plates - for multiple use & versatility. The primary hatch plate acts as a man way
  • The primary hatch plate is fitted with a 3 inch fill pipe, three - 1“ return pipes & three - 1¼” feed pipes as standard for multiple use
  • Space efficient design - easily stacked 2 high when full & 3 high when empty
  • Unique pitched outer lid - designed to prevent dust, rain and snow from entering the interstitial area
  • The primary hatch plate comes complete with a secure lockable design & and has beading around the lid closing position


  • Pumps
  • Hose Kits
  • ULC S601
  • Hose and Nozzle Kits
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Custom Hose Length
  • Fluid Transfer and Metering Equipment


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