ULC Single Wall Fuel Tanks

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Westeel ULC Single Wall Fuel Tanks

Utility Cradle Single Wall Fuel Tanks provide 300, 500 and 1,000 gallons of ULC certified, safe and secure storage for your fuel, and positioning your storage on the ground allows for faster transfer rates using fuel pumps. Custom tanks up to 30,000 gallons are available on request.

Westeel's single wall above ground storage tank (AST) has been an excellent alternative to overhead tanks for many years.  It is engineered to proved user friendly storage options for flammable and combustible liquids for a long list of applications.  Easy to use and install, its single wall storage syste comes complete with low welded cradles and additional pump fitting, making fluid transfer options simple.  All utility cradle tanks are fabricated from premium, hot rolled pickled in oil steel and are acid washed and powder coated prior to delivery.

This tank is the ultimate combination of affordable and reliable fuel storage in jurisdictions that allow single wall storage.

We stock our ULC single wall fuel tanks in 300, 500 and 1,000 gallon sizes.  Larger tanks and custom configurations are also available.


  • Pumps
  • C-Ring™ Secondary Containment System
  • Metering Equipment
  • Locking Vent Caps


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