Fuel-Vault™ Dual Wall ULC Vertical Storage Tanks

Westeel Fuel-Vault™ Dual Wall ULC Vertical Storage Tanks Image
Westeel Fuel-Vault™ Dual Wall ULC Vertical Storage Tanks

Let our Westeel product experts help you develop the perfect liquid storage solution.

Westeel's vertical Fuel-VaultTM provides versatile, economical storage solutions. These tanks may be used individually, or they can be tied together in batteries depending on specific site requirements. The double wall construction ensures maximum risk management for virtually any liquid and they can be relocated from site to site with minimum cost and effort.

The options for secondary containment are 110% contained, 100% contained vacuum monitored or 100% contained, which all meet all regulatory guidelines and do not require any additional diking.


  • Ladder and Safety Hoop
  • Round Man Way C/W Repad
  • Thief Hatch Ring
  • Split Side Manway
  • L-Skid
  • Roof Toe Rail
  • Insulation (Fuel-Vault™-H)
  • Base Skid Assembly
  • Sweet or Sour Service Thief Hatch Installed
  • Safety Cages
  • 3" Diameter Down Commer
  • Special or Custom Paint
  • RFWN Flange Fittings to Customer Specifications
  • Internal Coatings
  • Couplings
  • Sloped Floor
  • Factory Installed Piping
  • Round Manway (Rounded, Bolted)
  • Float Activated Level Gauge Board, Sweet or Sour Service


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