Econo-Vault Horizontal Tanks

Westeel Econo-Vault Horizontal Tanks Image
Westeel Econo-Vault Horizontal Tanks

Westeel's new Econo-Vault liquid storage tank is set to become the industry standard for Upstream storage.

These multi-purpose & multi-use tanks may be used as is with the welded on tank cradles or placed on Westeel tank stands. The 100% containment (Directive 55 compliant, formerly G55) design maximizes storage space and provides the environmental protection that is synonymous with Westeel double wall ASTs.


  • Tank Gauges
  • Stairs
  • Tank Filler®
  • Custom Fitting Configuration
  • Vents
  • Ladders
  • Custom Colors
  • Tank Stands
  • Steps
  • Insulated Exterior and Internal Piping for Heat Trace


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