Magnum-G™ Smoothwall Bins

Westeel Magnum-G™ Smoothwall Bins Image
Westeel Magnum-G™ Smoothwall Bins

Westeel's Magnum-G™ Smoothwall Bins are simply the best value around.

Designed for optimal strength and to provide trouble free clean-out and superior corrosion protection, these versatile bins are perfect for grain, seed and feed.

To help protect your crops, the Magnum-G's steep 40-degree or 55-degree cone slope and 19" opening help eliminate the potential for grain hang-up, reducing the likelihood of fungus growth and insect infestation.


  • State of the Art Paint Finish on Exterior
  • Aeration is an Option
  • A Full Range of Accessories Comes Standard
  • Holds Up To 6,070 Bushels


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