Welded Hopper Cones

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Westeel Welded Hopper Cones

Designed to match our Wide-Corr® Farm Series and Standard-Corr bins, Westeel welded hopper cones feature pressed cone sheets for extra strength.

With tens of thousands in use, Westeel’s welded hopper cone is the most trusted choice for Western Canadian farmers seeking dependable protection and long term value. Each cone is manufactured by craftsmen using advanced fabrication methods and heavy gauge steel components throughout. Most important, this cone has been specifically engineered to provide optimum support for your Westeel Wide-Corr or Standard-Corr bin, thus protecting your investment and ensuring decades of worry free operation.

Available for 14', 15', 16', 18', 19', 21', 24', and 27' diameter bins.


  • Aeration Kits
  • Engineered Multi-Ring Steel Foundations
  • Pail Spouts
  • Removable Hopper to Ground Ladder
  • Fixed Hopper to Ground Ladder
  • Auger Boots
  • Hopper Aeration System


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