Lock-n-Load Floor System

Westeel Lock-n-Load Floor System Image
Westeel Lock-n-Load Floor System

Westeel’s premium aeration option, the Lock-n-Load floor system, delivers maximum performance when you require full volume conditioning or natural air drying of your grain or oilseed crops.

The system can be easily installed in all new and existing Series 14, through Series 60 Westeel bins. The system’s unique use of multiple flashing, complete with appropriate hardware, provides a better seal at the bin’s edge and reduces installation time.

Additionally, Westeel’s Lock-n-Load floor system features a uniquely  perforated flashing (which permits aeration near the bin wall) and full width  perforation on the floor planks. The result is improved airflow circulation to the entire grain mass with no dead spots.


  • Sealform foundation system
  • 15" circular galvanized vent
  • 14" circvent (polymer design)
  • 60+' diameters (per special request)


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