Westeel Accessories

Additional attachments and equipment to power up your Westeel products, including structural items and measurement tools, like meters, gauges, and pumps.

Westeel Roof Stairs and Peak Platform provide easier access and added safety when performing roof equipment maintenance.
Westeel Sealform Concrete Foundation Forms provide a permanent seal between bin and foundation to protect against insects and moisture.
Westeel Circular Stairs (can be installed to the left or the right) provide safe and easy access to the bin’s roof and inspection hatch.
Westeel Platforms packages include stand-off platforms for use along sidewall staircases and inter-bin platforms.
Westeel Catwalks and Goal Posts are customizable for use anywhere from small farms to large commercial grain operations.
Westeel Ladder Systems include ladder, platform and safety cages that provide safe access to grain bins, including sidewall and inside ladders, safety cages, roof handrails and stairs, and peak rails and platforms.
Dependable, trouble-free unloading, with extra wide centre sump opening for high capacity grain flow, aggressive wheel tread pattern and adjustable backboard, optional E-Sump with independent controls, and large double center gearbox with solid, common shaft for increased longevity.
High capacity grain flow, forceful bin sweep advance into a grain pile, large double center gearbox with solid, common shaft for increased longevity, improved clean up along bin wall, optional E-Sump with independent control.
Westeel Lock-n-Load Floor System provides optimal airflow circulation for conditioning or air drying to the entire grain mass.

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