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Aluminum Chain Tool

Chain tools can be used to disassemble various chains without channel locks or hammers, insuring optimum chain life.

The Aluminum chain tool assembles and disassembles all kinds of chain quickly, and it's portable. This tool can be designed to accommodate various chain sizes and thicknesses with pin lengths up to 6 1/2".

The sturdy and lightweight tool is 17" long, 17" wide, and 3" high. The Aluminum tool weighs about 26 lbs. without the hand pump. The hand pump is pre-set to 10,000 PSI. The Aluminum tool has a drive cylinder with a capacity of 10 tons. The unit is made of 2024 aluminum material to provide strength and remain lightweight.

This easy to use tool reduces down time, eliminates cumbersome assembly and disassembly methods such as channel locks and hammers or other undersized tools. The Aluminum tool maintains a press fit, which insures maximum chain life. Save your hands with the Aluminum Chain Disassembly tool! Never hit your hands with a hammer again while you're disassembling a chain.

One Aluminum portable chain tool can be used for several different size chains by simply substituting the pin cavity and push pin. Each tool ships in a specially designed wood crate and comes with complete instructions, safety decals, hand pump, and hose.

  • Disassembles Various Chains
  • Adjustable Saddle for Easy Location
  • No Channel Locks or Hammers
  • Insures Optimum Chain Life
  • Weighs only 26 lbs.

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