Bulk-Flo™ Heavy Duty Chain Conveyor


The TRAMCO BULK-FLO heavy-duty chain conveyor is designed to handle a wide variety of challenging materials such as wet and sticky products, those with varying sizes and densities, and abrasive or corrosive materials.

The unsurpassed quality and rugged construction of the BULK-FLO conveyor series assures years of dependable service even under the most severe conditions.

Each system is individually designed for your specific application from standard components that are robotically welded in jig fixtures to provide interchangeability and smooth operation.

All head and tail sections are maintenance friendly and wear parts are easily replaced.

Standard Bulk-Flo™ Features

  • All conveyor sections are pre-assembled on a level 215ft fixtures, match-marked and dowel-pinned for field assembly. With proper rigging practices, Intermediate Sections can be assembled and shipped in multiples of up to 40 ft. lengths, saving on field time.
  • ~3 mils Powder Coat finish. The finish has a good hardness, excellent flexibility, excellent exterior stability, good chemical and solvent resistance, and a very good corrosion protection. All parts are powder coated before assembly. All fasteners are cadmium plated.
  • Drives are pre-assembled with the oil bath chain case fitted and removed for shipment.
  • Oil bath chain cases are split with two top inspection doors, one over each sprocket.
  • All liners use 1/2" welded studs attached to the exterior of the liner plates to eliminate wear points on the inside of the liners.
  • Head and tail housing assemblies are split for easy access.
  • Out-board mounted bearings on the head section.
  • Rex ZT center pull take-up bearings on the tail section. Shaft seals are a Rino adjustable "packing-gland" split type.
  • "G" style head sections come with a plug relief door and switch.
  • All internal conveyor sprockets are split and hardened to ~420 BHN. Split sprockets can be "turned around" for double life. "Walking Tooth Sprockets" used where applicable.
  • Conveyor chains are all Cotter-constructed for ease of removal. All links are pre-heated prior to robotic welding of the attachment bars.
  • Conveyor "By-Pass" inlets have a bolted side plate construction to ease removal/replacement of the internal liner plates without removal of the feed spout and or transition.
  • All intermediate sections are pinned and robotically welded in fixtures to ensure squareness and length.

Bulk-Flo™ Standard Head

Bulk-Flo™ Totally Bolted Construction

Bulk-Flo™ Standard Tail

Bulk-Flo™ Applications designed to convey a wide variety of materials:

  • Wet sticky and/or Oily Products
  • Varying pH Conditions (Both High and Low)
  • Changing Process Densities
  • All Particle Sizes (Certain Limitations Apply)
  • Varying Temperature Ranges
  • Both Abrasive and Corrosive Products
  • High Moisture Products

Possible configurations:


  • Horizontal Conveyor with multiple self-feeding inlets and multiple outlets
  • Incline conveyor (up to 90 degrees) with multiple inlets and multiple outlets
  • Curved conveyor with incline and multiple inlets
  • Verical closed-circut conveyor elevator
  • Loop boot elevator for verticle or incline applications
  • Design a BULK-FLO™ to meet your unique needs now!

Designed to handle various applications:

  • Wet Corn Milling
  • Oilseed Processing
  • Specialty Food Processing
  • Breweries
  • Malting Operations
  • Ethanol Processing
  • Distilleries
  • Meat Byproducts
  • Specialty Processing Applications
  • Sugar Processing