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Safety First!

STORM Seed Treaters is committed to the design of safe products and encouraging safe use. This is accomplished through the use of safety devices, safety decals, and operation manuals.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure that they fully understand and use all safety devices and to follow all safety decals/instructions before operating the product. If users follow the safety instructions, they will be able to operate the product easily and safely throughout its lifetime.

Remember: Safety is everyone's business!

Some items on our website may be shown with safety shields removed for clarity. Do not operate with safety shields removed. Do not modify. Use only for the intended purpose. Read the manual before operating. Follow machine safety signs and messages. Observe safe operating practices. Carefully read all equipment manuals and all safety signs. Safety signs and decals must be kept in good condition.

Replace all missing shields and/or warning decals immediately. Replacement safety shields and warning decals for STORM products can be ordered by contacting STORM.

Phone: 1-855-662-6609

If shields have been removed, misplaced, or damaged, please contact us or your trusted dealer to inquire about a replacement. We will make available at no cost the safety decals and operation/safety manuals. If you believe your STORM equipment is in need of safety equipment, contact us for information or questions.

Make no unauthorized modifications to the machine. Modifications may endanger the function and/or safety of the unit. Periodically check all mechanical and electrical components. Keep all equipment in good working condition.

Just-In-Time Treating VS Pre-Treating

The choice of whether to treat “just-in-time” or pre-treat is often a question of logistics and preference for farmers. Treating “just-in-time” allows the user the most flexibility and doesn’t contaminate extra equipment like storage bins. Pre-treating means that the seed is readily available and no extra time is required to set-up and calibrate; it allows you to perform the treating process ahead of time rather than rushing once seeding season rolls around.

STORM was designed and manufactured to be flexible because we understand that farmer’s plans can change quickly or unexpectedly. The STORM FX can be used for “just-in-time” or pre-treating, and is equipped with high capacity, simple set-up, and easy treating processes, so users can streamline the practise of treating.  Unlike STORM, some treaters are placed in a system and are not able to move from location to location which can affect a farmer’s need for flexibility. Choose STORM for your flexible and adaptable seed treating operations.

What to consider when determining the best treating method for your farm:

Storing treated product is especially important for biological products like inoculants that have a limited survivability of the active ingredient. Some pesticide products also have a limited time allowance on seed, meaning you can only store seed for a certain amount of time which may not meet your seeding or treating timeframe.

Pre-treating requires farmers to treat their seed ahead of time. A change in plans or timeframe when treating seed means tying up bins to store treated carryover product.

Cleaning bins such as corrugated walled bins can leave seed stuck in the groves. It is highly recommended to use a smoothwall bin, like a Westeel 1624 F for your treated seed storage to avoid difficult maintenance or cleaning.


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