PTM Sampling Systems PTM Sampling Systems


PTM provides sample withdrawal systems for the product at the storage plant during the following processes:

  • At reception of the product, usually while the truck is making its weighing operations, to get accurate information on the quantity of product and its characteristics
  • After product processing: for example, after pre-cleaning and/or drying before storage

The withdrawal drill from the truck mod. PREVRAC - representative sampling (7 levels probing, without aspiration), fast (about 40’’ of truck stop) and safe (full equipment of safety systems) of a grain product while it is still in the truck, and which sends it directly to the analysis lab through a pneumatic transport system (max. distance 50 m)

The circuit sampling system mod. CSM 350 – allows withdrawal of a representative sample of any grain product at a stationary point during the circuit (for example, at the discharging point of a dryer). The control and command system allows withdrawals in a systematic way, at planned intervals, while the withdrawal system guarantees proper sampling


  • Epoxy varnished
  • Conformity to 2006/46/CE
  • Conformity to ATEX Directive 94/9/CE (Z=22) (only for mod. CSM 350)

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