Bucket Elevators



  • Capacities: Up to 280 M.T.P.H. at 75% loading. Smaller and larger capacities are available. 
  • Capacities are based on material density of 45#/ cu.ft. or 721 kg/m3
  • Heavy duty construction of components minimizes the need for external stiffeners. 
  • Pillow block bearings for head section and flange style bearings for boot sections. These take-up units can be manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or gravity. 
  • Oversize inspection doors on the upside of the elevator leg casing. 
  • Optional self-cleaning boot section to ensure no cross contamination. 
  • Direct coupled gearbox, chain, and sprocket and “V" belt drive systems are available. 
  • Mild electroplated galvanized and stainless steel fabrication.

Explosion venting may be required depending on location and / or product being transferred through this equipment. To operate without proper explosion venting may result in fire or explosion. Check local industrial codes and policies.