Dual Hopper Chain Conveyor


A heavy-duty, all-in-one grain handling system.

  • Equals the capacity of 12” double run grain pump, low profile chain conveyor and Mass-Ter Mover chain conveyor
  • Impressive 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 BPH capacity
  • Unload both trailer hoppers at the same time for fast, high-capacity operations

Direct Drive

  • Eliminates belts to prevent slipping, adjustment and breaking
  • 15:1 main gearbox connected to 1:1 right angle gearboxes to drive two separate conveyors
  • Variable Frequency Drive Controllers recommended to adjust speed and flow

Heavy Duty

  • Drive-over grating meets OSHA standard 1910.272
  • 7-gauge laser cut sheet steel and 3/8” laser cut flange connections
  • 44” width opening

Trench Installations

  • Approximate 42” depth between the dual hopper chain conveyor and low profile conveyor
  • Adjustable conveyor supports
  • Can be placed underneath scales
  • Contact Mayrath for concrete dimensions and take-away conveyor options

Spring Take-Ups

  • Less maintenance
  • Constant chain tension
  • Extended chain life
  • Removable tail shafts