Portable Belt Conveyors

Mayrath is committed to providing farmers with industry leading products. Mayrath also understands that certain commodities require gentle handling to preserve the life of the seed and reduce degradation. The HCX belt conveyor series was designed for gentle handling and engineered for long-lasting durability.

Features weather guards to protect the belt year-round, 2-ply chevron belt with a nylon slider back to maintain belt tension providing maximum capacity, and excellent cushioning for fragile materials.
Designed to reach your bin without losing capacity or sacrificing the commodity. Equipped with a hydraulic swing-away to move the hopper into position and a hydraulic winch to raise and lower with ease.
The HCX top drive belt conveyor features an a-frame undercarriage,a 10" tube and 15" inch 2-ply chevron belt with a nylon slider back. The HCX top drive is available in electric or hydraulic.
The Transfer Conveyor is an easy-to-operate part of the Mayrath line of industry-leading farm products for gentle grain handling.
The HCX Pitstop is a drive over hopper that allows trucks to unload without having to move the hopper once it has been positioned. The HCX Pitstop is available in electric or hydraulic drives.