Low Profile Chain Conveyor


The stationary Low Profile Chain Conveyor is an economic solution to unload trucks in a more permanent application.

  • 10,000 BPH Capacity (Electric Drive with Dodge Gear Reducer
  • 3/8” Thick UHMW Paddles
  • 7 Ga Housing
  • Shallow Installation to prevent water table issues
  • 9 ¼” Deep using Commercial Drive Over Option less the ramps
  • 21 5/8” using LPCC version with 5 ft Dump Hopper

20” to 30” Trunk Extensions


  • Unloading trucks into Double Runs or Mass-Ter Movers
  • Unloading trucks into a Bucket Elevator/Leg
  • LPCC works with the Dual Hopper Chain Conveyor 10,000 BPH Option