Stationary Chain Conveyors

Move your grain, feed or seed gently and efficiently with Hutchinson's permanent handling chain conveyor offering.

The Hutchinson Grain Pump Double Run offers the flexibility of high-angle loading and convenience of a flow-through inlet.
With multiple configurations possible, the Grain Pump Loop effectively blends higher moisture and dried grain from one bin to another for reduced drying cost.
Hutchinson's Commercial Grain Pump is a versatile commercial-capacity, complete load-in/load out system with recirculating capabilities.
Move your grain easily with the Hutchinson Mass-ter Flow Drag Conveyor and accessories.
The Mass-Ter Mover is the industry’s premier continuous chain and paddle combination - a complete loading and unloading system for storage structures.
Up to 8,000 BPH (216 TPH). Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) 3/8” thick paddles with metal reinforcement plate. Available with either 10 horsepower (7.5 kw) electric or hydraulic drive with flow control valve and minimum 22 gal/min (83 Vmin) at 2000 PSI (13,790 kPA).
Impressive 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 BPH capacity.Unload both trailer hoppers at the same time. Equals the capacity of 12” double run grain pump, low profile chain conveyor and Mass-Ter Mover chain conveyor.
10,000 BPH Capacity. Electric Drive with Dodge Gear Reducer. 3/8” Thick UHMW Paddles. Shallow Installation to prevent water table issues. 9 ¼” deep using Commercial Drive Over Option less the ramps.