WRX Truck Auger


AGI Hutchinson is proud to work with farmers to provide innovative agriculture equipment that will continue to move their farms forward. Our latest innovation, the WRX Truck Auger was designed for durability, longevity and capacity to help get the job done fast.

With a variety of lengths to choose from, the AGI Hutchinson WRX Truck Auger can be built to match your farm’s demands. With your choice of 8" or 10" tube diameter and five different drive options to choose from, you hold the power to build the right auger for your needs.

Our commitment to strong and dependable equipment is unmistakeable through our latest reinforcements and advances, including a solid tube drive guard that completely encloses the driveline and protects it from the elements. 

We have also reinforced our auger flighting with an extra layer of steel at critical wear points and use high quality powder coat paint to keep your auger looking like new for longer.

The AGI Hutchinson WRX Truck Auger has the strength and resilience to keep up with the demands of your farm.


  • MD Motor Drive
  • EMD Electric Motor Drive
  • PTO-SD Shaft Drive
  • PTO-BD Belt Drive
  • Hydraulic Drive