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Hutchinson Swing-Away Augers

HX | MX Series

  • Commercial strength scissor-lift frame and cross members to maximize reach and reduce swaying while the auger is at the bin
  • Steel trussing for easily positioning and aligning
  • Many different lengths and tube diameters for a wide variety of your operations heights and needs without losing capacity or sacrificing commodity
  • 23,000 BPH for maximum capacity to get the job done fast
  • Power swing available in hydraulic or electric to choose which model suits your farm best
  • Hopper and Hopper Lift Arm to position the hopper on either side of the auger for easy unloading of commodity


HX | MX 10

53' - 83' Length | Capacity up to 6,600 BPH


HX | MX 13

64' - 114' Length | Capacity up to 11,500 BPH


HX | MX 16

85' - 125' Length | Capacity up to 23,000 BPH

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