Conveyor Accessories

A stationary intermediate discharge tripper from Hi Roller® allows your product to be discharged intermittently off of the conveyor belt.
Hi Roller®'s open top, enclosed bottom belt conveyors can utilize our intermediate moveable plows or trippers to efficiently distribute your product along the conveyor.
Reversible Conveyors by Hi Roller® incorporate a reloading valve on either end of the conveyor, so that returned product is reloaded back on to the conveyor belt
Hi Roller® two-way flop valves allow you to discharge product into two individual output spouts that can be designed to meet your specific dimensions and angles.
We can custom design and install Hi Roller® Proportioning Gates to incorporate into our customized conveyor inlets.
V-wheels on the Hi Roller® Worm Gear Reduction Manual Belt Tensioner support and guide the tail assembly on the conveyor as the belt is tensioned.
Hi Roller® belt conveyor accessories are custom designed to your specific application assures that your product is introduced to the belt, and discharged properly.