Low Temperature Upstream Heaters


Consistent amount of heat with less cycling

AGI’s Low temperature upstream heaters are your solution when a slight rise in temperature is required to aid in drying your crop. Low temp heaters are designed to provide a consistent amount of heat which results in less cycling and increases the longevity of components.



  • Available in vapor propane or natural gas models to fit 10 HP to 40 HP low speed fans
  • Propane 37,500-346,000 BTU 
  • Natural gas 59,000 to 335,000 BTU 
  • Perfect solution for low-temperature grain drying when less than 20 °F (11 °C) temperature rise is required
  • Built-in adjustable brackets fit a variety of centrifugal fans 
  • Built-in safety and troubleshooting features allow for safe operation and easy problem diagnosis 
  • Adjustable airflow baffles allow for successful ignition at low burner pressures 
  • Remotely mounted control box 
  • Industrial-grade ignitor and flame probe provide consistent lighting and long service life 

Product manuals, specs, and brochures can be found by clicking here.