High Temperature Downstream Heaters High Temperature Downstream Heaters

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High Temperature Downstream Heaters

AGI high temperature downstream heaters are designed to increase temperature while decreasing humidity. Recommended to be used with a stirrator system, allows for crops to be efficiently and effectively dried inside of your grain bin.

  • Two Sizes available in both natural gas and liquid propane
  • To fit 5 HP to 15 HP low speed fans
  • LP 200,000 to 2.45 million BTU
  • Natural Gas 240,000 to 2.35 million BTU
  • To fit 20 HP to 40 HP low speed fans
  • LP 603,000 to 4.48 million BTU
  • Natural gas 704,000 to 4.23 million BTU
  • Adjustable vaporizer on liquid propane models
  • Built-in safety and troubleshooting features allow for safe operation and easy problem diagnosis
  • Y-Strainers keep fuel impurities out of valves
  • Transitions and adaptor plates available to match the appropriate fan/heater combination

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