The Rocket


An innovative, stronger, and even more reliable rocket!

We are introducing the Rocket Aeration System from the experienced Research & Development team at AGI Grain Guard.


Design Features:

  • Smooth louvered surface allows for cleaner unloading 
  • 4% to 8% more louvered surface area (depending on model) than the classic rocket 
  • Improved performance through re-design to provide more air delivery to the center of the hopper, where air is most difficult to move
  • New reduced weight, re-designed side legs, and internal support rings provide greater structural strength, up to 125% greater than the classic rocket 
  • Improved design results in increased vertical loading up to 30' in grain height
  • 3 leg design provides better stability in the bin
  • Design allows the installation of the Rocket into commercial applications by simply adding extra legs, up to five on the 7000 series and up to eight on the 8000 series 
  • The Rocket is a result of 5 years of field testing

Rocket Leg Design:

  • Extended legs reach up to top reinforcing rings (3/4 up Rocket length) to provide a much stronger structure
  • Additional leg along with new design allows for increased stability during irregular grain flows while unloading the bin 
  • Shipped with new fold-up legs attached, thus eliminating difficult field assembly

Laser Cut Internal Ring:

  • Designed for increased structural strength
  • More robust design withstands increased side loads due to irregular grain flow during unloading of the bin

Product manuals and spec sheets can be found by clicking here.