Parts & Accessories

Here you will find spare parts for CMC single wire digital hazard monitoring systems – from analog input modules to bus converters and field interconnect boxes.

The mIP001 Inductive Proximity Sensor seamlessly integrates CMC's digital HazMon network and is ideal for slack chain sensing applications on drag conveyors.
The mDT001 EZTest HazMon System Tester features plug and play functionality making it easy to diagnose sensors and systems.
The mAM001 is an application specific analog input module typically utilized with connection of pressure, vibration, weighing or other analog sensors to CMC’s network.
The mCM001 is an application specific AC current sensor typically used for the monitoring of motor operating current and cooling fan current.
The mDI001 is a self-powered digital input module with 4 inputs for monitoring remote switch or relay contacts.
The mBC083 facilities monitoring for shaft speed, bearing temperatures, belt misalignment, motor temperature and vibration in grain processing, feed, milling, bulk materials handling, and general industrial applications.
The mTB006 Field Interconnect 6 Ports kit is designed to terminate unshielded, shielded and direct burial CAT5 cable, complete with a mounting clamp for the solid cable shield.