Shaft Rotation Sensor


Industry Leading Hazard Monitoring and Shaft Rotation Sensor Devices from CMC!

CMC’s shaft rotation sensor is an application specific sensor, designed to measure the shaft speed of rotating machinery. It is an Intrinsically Safe shaft rotation sensor when used as part of CMC’s single wire digital HazMon network and is ideal for monitoring shaft speed on most types of industrial machinery.


Typically mounted on the non-driven tail pulley of a belt or vertical conveyor ,or on the drive shaft of a screw conveyor the mRS001, commonly referred to as a zero speed sensor, our shaft rotation speed monitor measures the actual shaft RPM. The unit uses non-contact measurement by reading magnetic pulses from a code wheel attached to the shaft. Rotational speeds from 1-1000 RPM can be measured. The unit connects to the single wire communications bus using the attached 2m (6’) cable and RJ-11 and power is derived from the network therefore external power is not required.

The mRS001, when used with the mBC081 Bus Converter provides an Intrinsically Safe means of monitoring shaft rotation speed and is ideal for monitoring shaft rotation on most types of industrial machinery.