mTB006 Field Interconnect 6 Ports


The mTB006 is a purpose built Field Wiring Interconnect assembly for CMC Industrial Electronics single-wire bus sensors, modules and bus converters. The field interconnect provides a convenient method of connecting the field devices to the bus cabling system. Based on CAT5 cabling and insulation displacement connectors, the assembly reduces installation time and provides a means of isolating segments of the cabling system for diagnostics. The kit is designed to terminate unshielded, shielded and direct burial CAT5 cable, complete with a mounting clamp for the solid cable shield. A conduit grounding plate is provided to ensure the integrity of metallic conduit system for the bus cabling system.

AdaptaNet is the world’s first automatic fault detection and isolation system for Hazard Monitoring networks.  It immediately detects and isolates a faulty sensor from the network without disruption and the system is instantly back and operating normally with the faulty sensor isolated from the bus network.  CMC’s Intrinsically Safe (IS) HazMon systems are now even easier to troubleshoot than before enabling operators to run safer,more efficient elevator operations.

AdaptaNet is a drop-in replacement for CMC’s existing NEMA 4X field interconnect boxes. All mTB006 FIBs are now shipped with full AdaptaNet functionality!

AdaptaNet-ready mTB006 FIBs are also part of our HMC009 Field Interconnect Kits.