mDT001 EZTest HazMon System Tester


CMC is taking the hassle out of HazMon system maintenance!

The mDT001 HazMon systems tester is a rugged, handheld device that operates from 2 AA batteries. It has an easy to read backlit LCD with a simple 4 button operator interface.

The mDT001 tester simplifies system validation and commissioning – any sensor on the network can be cloned and the tester then used to validate point to point check outs as well as relay functionality.

The tester provides a standalone good/bad test for individual sensors. In addition, the sensor’s electrical interface and real-time output can be verified. All information is presented in scaled units to simplify the test results.

There is no special training required and with its simplicity and functionality, troubleshooting and maintenance hassles are drastically reduced.

  • Plug and play functionality - easy to diagnose sensors and systems
  • Provides a standalone good/bad test for individual sensors
  • Sensor value is presented in real-time, using scaled units for easy verification
  • Built in sensor emulator streamlines system commissioning
  • Any sensor can be cloned and the tester’s keyboard used to set the sensor value
  • Rugged, handheld tester has easy-to-read backlit LCD