HMC004 Drag Conveyor With Speed Kit HMC004 Drag Conveyor With Speed Kit


Hassle-Free Drag Conveyor Monitoring with HazMon-In-A-Box Kits!

Included in this kit are all of the components required to install hazard monitoring on a drag conveyor. Temperature sensors are supplied for 4 bearings along with 1 shaft speed sensor. All hardware, cable protection and mounting brackets are included.

HazMon-In-A-Box Kit HMC004 kit includes:

  • 4 Bearing Sensors and Mounting Kits
  • 1 Shaft Speed Sensor and Mounting Kit
  • 2 Field Interconnect Boxes
  • All Conduit, Connectors, and Hardware Required for Installation

When requesting a quote please specify AdaptaNet Upgrade should you need it.

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